About Us


A little about us here at Jack & Jill Labradors. Well, the story does start with Jack.  He was our very first Labrador for our family.  We did a lot of research after we had our first born Son.  We found nothing but good things about the breed and decided to go with a chocolate Labrador back in 2008.  A few years later we had our Daughter and decided to expand the family with a female Labrador.  So in 2013 we added Jill to the family, another chocolate Labrador.  We love how these guys love to play fetch and bring the ball right back.  We take them glampin with us pretty much year round.  Summers it's to the lakes and winter to Glamis.  We love having the puppies here, meeting the perspective owners, and knowing that I have done all in my ability to find a perfect match.

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